My name is Alex, and I am a US equity swing trader. I recently started PrimeTrading to pass along the knowledge I acquired through thousands (probably an understatement:)) of hours studying the market & trading experience.

What I offer & share is my daily routine as I prepare for my next trading day. I want to constantly pass along the discipline, structure, system, and elements needed to trade and outperform the market.

Here are the three services I offer through PrimeTrading currently:

1- Education Articles (FREE)

Once a week, I’ll be sending an article on a trading subject. These are intended to educate the community on my trading strategies & system.

2- Alex’s daily Market update & Focuslist (Substack daily report)

Every night, I share my daily routine work as I prepare for my next trading day. You get access to the following:

✅ NQ/ES/RTY (NASDAQ/S&P 500/RUSSEL 2K) general market analysis that includes daily levels & my Bullish & Bearish scenarios


My Portfolio update

daily Focuslist including setups, alert levels & explanation

✅ Leaders list (technicals, fundamentals & potential TMLs)

✅ Sectors & Themes Analysis

✅ Economic Calendar

✅ Prime Model spreadsheet (PT_database)

✅ My takeaways, including my trading gameplan for the following day

3- Private DISCORD community (Trading room)

PrimeTrading is an equity swing trading community to learn & trade alongside experienced traders.

✅ See how I execute intraday while I share my trades live.

✅ Alex's daily market commentary, Portfolio updates, trade explanations, and daily FocusList.

✅ Share & Discuss potential trade ideas with a like-minded amazing community

✅ Talk Macro Economy, Cryptocurrencies & much more!

✅ Talk about mental game & psychology to evolve as a trader!

✅ Education & mentoring from Alex & experienced traders.

✅ Q&A zoom meetings

Improve as a trader with a risk management first approach while working directly with me intraday.

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Alex 🛡️✌️

Recent trade example

To be clear, you won’t see names of the top gainers/hot stocks/YOLO in my FocusList… the goal is to discover those stocks BEFORE they breakout and make it into this list. I want to find tactical entries with outstanding Risk/Reward profiles.

A recent example would be SWN (Southwestern Energy), which I included in the Premium Members FocusList the day before the breakout of his consolidation. 36% move in 7 days with an initial risk of less than 0.1% EC.

Now that it makes the hot stocks list, it’s too late to consider buying it that extended.

Alex’s recent performance using the PT system

Most of you know that the last months have been hard compared to 2020 and early 2021. My trading style is about managing risk and adjusting it to current market conditions. Even in one of the most challenging markets ever seen, I’ve been able to grow the account while limiting drawdown to below 10%.

  • 2020 = +378%

  • 2021 = +92%

  • 2022 = +30.8%

  • 2023 (YTD) = TBD

This takes me above 1000% compounded returns since the start of 2020, which I consider a pretty high achievement and proof that the system that I am trying to teach you guys is working…not only in an uptrend but, most notably, during the correctives market.

Articles explaining my trading system:

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8+ years trading the US equity market as a swing trader, using fundamental and technical analysis to find the biggest winning stocks. The Holy Grail is all about Risk & Position management.