I'm Alex, a US equity swing trader, and I founded PrimeTrading to share the extensive knowledge I've gained from countless hours studying the market and accumulating trading experience.

I provide and share an in-depth look into my daily routine as I meticulously prepare for each trading day. I aim to consistently impart the discipline, structure, systematic approach, and essential elements crucial for trading and consistently outperform the market.

Currently, PrimeTrading offers three distinct services:

Education Articles (FREE)

Every week, I will be sending out an article focusing on a specific trading subject. These articles are crafted with the intention of educating the community on the intricacies of my trading strategies and system.

Alex’s daily Market update & Focuslist (Substack daily report)

Each evening, I provide insights into my daily routine and preparations for the upcoming trading day. By joining, you gain exclusive access to the following:

✅ PrimeTrading Market Model (#PTMM):

  • Make better trading decisions by following the broad market PRICE, MOMENTUM, & BREADTH.

✅ General Market Analysis:

  • In-depth analysis covering NASDAQ, S&P 500, Russell 2000, and other key indices.

  • Daily levels and detailed scenarios for both bullish and bearish market conditions.

✅ Market Internals:

  • Insights into market internals to provide a deeper understanding of overall market health.

✅ Sectors & Themes Analysis:

  • A thorough examination of sectors and emerging themes for trade opportunities.

✅ Daily Focuslist:

  • A meticulously curated Focuslist featuring setups, alert levels, and comprehensive explanations for both long and short positions.

✅ Leaders List + Scans:

  • Identification of market leaders through technical and fundamental scans, along with potential Trendline (TML) opportunities.

✅ Portfolio Update:

  • Daily updates on my personal portfolio, providing transparency and insights into current positions.

✅ Economic Calendar:

  • Stay informed with a comprehensive economic calendar highlighting key events and announcements that could impact the markets.

✅ Prime Model Spreadsheet (PT_database):

  • Access to the Prime Model spreadsheet, offering a structured and organized database for detailed analysis.

Private DISCORD community (Trading room)

PrimeTrading is a community dedicated to equity swing trading, providing a collaborative environment for both learning and active trading alongside seasoned and knowledgeable traders.

Enhance your skills as a trader by adopting a risk management-centric approach, working closely with me in real-time throughout the intraday trading sessions.

✅ Intraday Live Execution of My Trades

Experience & learn of live intraday trading as I share real-time insights into my execution process. Witness the decision-making, strategies, and nuances that drive success in the fast-paced world of intraday trading.

✅ Alex's Daily Market Wisdom, Portfolio Updates, and FocusList

Access exclusive daily market commentary, portfolio updates, and the intricately curated FocusList from Alex. Gain valuable insights into market trends, trade executions, and the strategic decisions influencing the portfolio.

✅ Sharing & Refining Trade Ideas with an Exceptional Group

Engage in a vibrant community where like-minded traders collaborate to share, discuss, and refine potential trade ideas. Leverage collective intelligence, diverse perspectives, and collaborative efforts to enhance your trading strategy.

✅ Beyond Markets: Unveiling Macroeconomics, Cryptocurrencies, and More

Explore broader discussions beyond traditional markets, including macroeconomics, cryptocurrencies, and other pertinent topics shaping the financial landscape. Stay informed on diverse market dynamics and emerging trends.

✅ Mastering the Mind: Delving into the Mental Game & Psychology of Trading

Gain insights into the psychological aspects of trading. Delve into discussions that address the mental challenges, mindset shifts, and strategies to cultivate resilience and success in the ever-evolving world of trading.

✅ Learn from the Best: Education & Mentorship by Alex & Pro Traders

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive learning experience with educational content and mentorship sessions led by Alex and other seasoned traders. Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate various market conditions successfully.

✅ Interactive Exploration: Q&A Zoom Meetings for Dynamic Learning

Participate in interactive Q&A Zoom meetings designed for dynamic learning. Pose questions, engage in discussions, and benefit from real-time insights, creating an enriching and collaborative learning environment.

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Recent trades example

The primary objective is to identify potential stocks before they experience a breakout and make it onto traditional lists. I aim to uncover tactical entries that boast exceptional risk/reward profiles.

Presenting a comprehensive chart markup detailing a recent $IONQ trade I took in 2023:

  • Achieved a +25% gain on the CORE trade.

  • Secured a +12% gain on the ADD trade.

Given the market's PTMM FULL GREEN signal, I opted for a structured take-profit approach rather than de-risking the trade at 2 & 3R, a practice I'm also currently implementing.


AFRM (2023-11-24)

MARA (2023-11-15)

CRWD (2023-11-1 & still active)

Alex’s recent performance using the PT system

Many of you know that recent months have posed challenges compared to the favorable market conditions of 2020 and early 2021. My trading approach revolves around adept risk management, tailoring it to the prevailing market conditions.

Even amidst one of the most demanding market environments, I've successfully grown the trading account while containing drawdowns to less than 10%.

  • 2020 = +378%

  • 2021 = +92%

  • 2022 = +30.8%

  • 2023 (YTD) = TBD

This accomplishment brings my compounded returns to over 1000% since the commencement of 2020. I view this as a significant achievement, as tangible evidence that the system I'm endeavoring to impart to all of you is effective.

Its success is evident not only in an upward-trending market but, notably, during corrective market phases.

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Articles explaining my trading system:

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You will start receiving updates right here in your inbox. You can also log in to the website to read the full archives and other posts as they are published.

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10+ years trading the US equity market as a swing trader, using fundamental and technical analysis to find the biggest winning stocks. The Holy Grail is all about Risk & Position management.